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Membership Application Form

Please choose a username and password.  Your username and password will allow you to login and update your membership profile.

Membership Type: There are currently three membership types, Platinum, Gold and Non-Karting.

Platinum Membership cost $540. No Practice Fees, Voting Rights, and No Grid Fee.

Gold Membership cost $240. $10 Practice Fee, Voting Rights, $5 Grid Fee if not driving

Non-karting Membership: This class of membership is reserved for board members, officers of the club or others who are required to be club members to perform their duties, but otherwise do not regularly participate in driving activities. A $50 fee is charged for such memberships. If the person does participate in racing or practicing, he/she will be charged at the non-member rate.

Memberships last twelve months from the time your membership is activated

The Primary Member: (must be 18 years of age or older.)

Additional Family Members each cost $50. No Voting Rights, the same fees apply as the Primary Member.
List only family members who will be driving!
Only immediate family members (spouse/minor children) are eligible for family membership. Junior applicants must provide a copy of a birth certificate for PKRA records.

Pit Space Rentals

If you are renewing a pit space, please indicate the pit space number you currently have. If you want a different pit space than the one you have, or If you would like to lease a new pit space, please check the current pit space table under the forms section of the main website and list the pit space number you would like to have when filling out the online form.

After submitting your application, our membership services representative will process your application and email you an electronic invoice for the amount due. Print the invoice and send it, along with a check to:

PKRA, 20118 N. 67th Ave #300-179, Glendale, AZ. 85308.

Make checks payable to PKRA

Thank you, and welcome to PKRA!